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As with many artists and writers my work is influenced by the place I’m in. Much of my imagery comes from the trees in Boston city parks and in the Arnold Arboretum. My formal interest in these tree forms is in how they relate to one another and to the space around them. Working in suites of images I can expand this thinking about relatedness. Although each tree can function alone, it becomes richer in relationship to the others. Likewise, each photograph expands in relationship to other photographs. “In my human world people are similarly bound together. In art as in life, we become intimate with things through relationship. Trees suggest human qualities to me which I’ve set out to capture in gestures like reaching out, touching, bending and grouping together.”*

*Quote from Walking in the Arboretum. Ruth Ginsberg-Place



*Archival prints available in 12”x18”, 16”x23”, 20”x30” and larger on special order